H.M.S. Sceptre Decommissioning

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HMS Sceptre Decommissioning

Well, the Royal Navy's oldest active warship is to end it's service later this year. This mini website has been set up to give a bit of info about the final days of the last S-Boat.

H.M.S. Sceptre was named and launched at Vickers Shipbuilders, Barrow-in-Furness, by Lady Audrey White, the wife of Admiral Sir Peter White - Chief of Fleet Support, on 20th November 1976. The boat was commissioned on 14th February 1978.

The boat's first Captain was Cdr. Rob Forsyth (who incidentally was also Captain of HMS Alliance and is now campaigning to raise funds to save the Alliance - see link) who was appointed in November 1976.

After a distinguished service (with a couple of minor 'mishaps' along the way) the boat is to be decommissioned at Devonport on 10th December 2010, following a service life of over 30 years. If you can believe the Scottish press (link) the boat is to be made into "cars, washing machines and office furniture". We'll see.

Anyway, old shipmates of Sceptre (and indeed, anyone who served on any of the six S-Boats) are welcome to attend the decommissioning but tickets are limited and are only available on a first come, first served basis. Many old crew members are meeting up on Thursday 9th December for a get together to remember the old boat and give her a fitting send off! Chances are, there will be more than a few sore heads at the decommissioning the following day!

A special 10 year old single malt whiskey has been specially commissioned to mark the ceremony and a Navy News article about this can be found here.

Anyway, more details will be added to this site as we get them. If you are an ex-crew member of Sceptre, please try to come along to say goodbye to the old girl. If you are in touch with any ex-crew members who may not know about the decommissioning ceremony, please point them at this site.

If anyone has got any photos of the boat it would be particularly nice to put them up on this site.

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